How does the StadiumPark app work?


After downloading the StadiumPark app, the user must enter their name and email address, then enter either their credit card information or sign up with paypal.  The user will then receive a confirmation email.  When arriving to a stadium or arena which accepts StadiumPark, a registered user opens the StadiumPark app, and then chooses which stadium or arena they will be using.


The user will then be taken to a custom screen for the desired stadium.  If the screen has a QR code, they will show it to the parking attendant who will scan the code with an apple or android device and allow entry.  A confirmation will appear as well as an e-mail receipt.  If the screen show’s a button to open a parking gate, the user will press this button and the parking gate will open to allow entry.  A confirmation of payment will appear, as well as an email receipt.


What are the benefits of using StadiumPark


StadiumPark offers its users to quickly pay for their parking using the app.  Users will no longer have to carry cash to games and will be able to enter stadiums and arenas quicker-avoiding long lines often associated with stadium and arena parking.


Is my credit card information secure?


Yes.  StadiumPark does not hold any of your credit card information.  It is held and processed by a 3rd party provider, Braintree Payments.  This is the same payment provider which services Uber, airbnb and StubHub.  They are a Level I DSS PCI Compliant Service Provider.  Braintree’s privacy policy:


What is the cost of using the StadiumPark app.


StadiumPark charges a convenience fee, depending on the price of parking and the stadium/arena which the user is parking.  Generally the fee will be between $0.99-1.99  The user will be fully aware of this price at the point of purchase.


What is the refund policy?


StadiumPark will address all issues on a case-by-case basis and make a decision within 7 business days.  StadiumPark will provide a refund on any erroneous charges including charging the user more than once, charging the user if they did not use the app.  


How do I contact StadiumPark?


You can contact StadiumPark’s founder, Jeremy Crane: