Best Online Video Converter

If you need to manage some video files, you might want convenient software to do that. One that’s really easy to use is quite hard to find, though. More and more people work with video files, either for their job or personal purposes, therefore, more and more companies start developing and offering online software, sometimes totally free of charge, to attract those users as their potential clients.

As a result, the Web is full of different programs. Some of them nice and easy to use – like this video file converter. Some of them – not so much. Many can be of really poor quality, spammy, or outright illegal. So many users suffer from their uninformed choices when they try to find something to their taste and eventually download poor-quality software that collects their private information to enable the developers to sell it later to third parties.

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Best Free Online Video Editor

More and more people have to work with video files and movies. This is because of their job, or for their own ads or commercial products, or, which is more often because people want to edit their vacation or birthday videos on their own. There is no practical use in hiring other people for editing personal videos because almost every user can learn how to manage such simple tasks. However, if it is possible to learn editing videos for personal use, it means that videos for a job or commercial projects can also be managed without hiring third-party professionals.

Modern equipment like cameras and even smartphones provide decent quality, and developers find it better to issue editing software online as well. So little surprise most more or less advanced users start looking online for programs to manage their files.

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Best Video Editing Software For PC

Today, most people do not hire a professional editor to work on their home videos from events like vacation, marriage, or birthday. The majority of people has high-quality cameras for shooting, and for some, even a new smartphone does the job decently to shoot an event. After the person manages shooting, it makes no sense hiring somebody else to make the final video. It is much more reasonable to learn simple basics of editing and complete this task on their own.

Other people are actually more of professionals and have to work on video files now and then, for example, for their own commercial projects. Today, most software is so simple and intuitive that even a child can learn to work with it. So again it makes no sense hiring a third party for such a simple job.

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Compress Video File Online

People work with video files today much more often than before. Due to the availability of high-quality cameras and smartphones, making a quick video about an event, or even make a note by filming a video is much easier than it was in previous years. According to statistics, people today make more videos in one day than the whole civilization just a hundred years ago. Back then, to make a movie was an event itself. But nowadays, technologies enable even a child to make an almost unlimited amount of videos per day, and only sky in a limit.

Because of that, users also exchange lots of videos and use such files also for work and different projects. Even when buying clothes you can make a movie of yourself in it, send it to your friend and ask whether they think you should buy it or not. Making movies is simple and fast, and sending them almost anywhere is also simple and fast.

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Computer Tips

There is a bunch of different useful tips you really want to know about managing your computer. Check them out to make your life easier.


  • always turn off your computer when you want to clean anything on the surface or inside;
  • you can use a vacuum cleaner on the surface to suck in the dirt, but do not use it for inside, because it generates static electricity that can mess with the performance of the hardware;
  • be careful with liquids for cleaning and always use protective gloves: many people have an allergy because such liquids include really strong components;
  • try to avoid eating or drinking near the computer (although most people always do that);
  • limit smoking near your PC or laptop;  
  • pay special attention to cleaning the keyboard and mice, especially if they are used by several people in the family. Those things usually spread bacteria more than a toilet seat;

Now when we’re done with hardware, check out some software tips and tricks.

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