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People work with video files today much more often than before. Due to the availability of high-quality cameras and smartphones, making a quick video about an event, or even make a note by filming a video is much easier than it was in previous years. According to statistics, people today make more videos in one day than the whole civilization just a hundred years ago. Back then, to make a movie was an event itself. But nowadays, technologies enable even a child to make an almost unlimited amount of videos per day, and only sky in a limit.

Because of that, users also exchange lots of videos and use such files also for work and different projects. Even when buying clothes you can make a movie of yourself in it, send it to your friend and ask whether they think you should buy it or not. Making movies is simple and fast, and sending them almost anywhere is also simple and fast.

However, to send a video, you will have to spend some time, especially if it is done via a mobile device. On the other hand, if the movie is really long, or the quality of it is extremely high, you will have to wait until it uploads even if you use a PC or laptop. If your Internet connection is not that good, you even risk the chance of sending the video again and again, and it will fail to upload properly.

To avoid this fuss, what you should do is compress the video. The best idea is to compress video file online without downloading any additional software on your device. This will also save your time, and what is even more important, you will not risk downloading some malware that will be able to block your device or collect your personal data to transmit it to the third parties.

To find a reliable software to compress a movie file online, check our list of available services you should try:

  • – this is one of the services that Google indicates on the very first line if you search online. It means that most users apply it for compression of their movie files. It is fast, convenient, supports a lot of different formats, both older and new ones, and it is reliable and reputable. The drag and drop design are very easy to use.
  • ClipChamp – the next most frequently used service. It is very fast, totally free of charge, and the design of the website suggests this is a reputable and reliable service and not another spammy platform to bother users with ads. It offers a number of features, and there is actually a paid version, so you can trust this website.
  • YouCompress – Fast and simple compressor, nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

Make sure you choose exactly what you need!

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