Best Video Editing Software For PC

Today, most people do not hire a professional editor to work on their home videos from events like vacation, marriage, or birthday. The majority of people has high-quality cameras for shooting, and for some, even a new smartphone does the job decently to shoot an event. After the person manages shooting, it makes no sense hiring somebody else to make the final video. It is much more reasonable to learn simple basics of editing and complete this task on their own.

Other people are actually more of professionals and have to work on video files now and then, for example, for their own commercial projects. Today, most software is so simple and intuitive that even a child can learn to work with it. So again it makes no sense hiring a third party for such a simple job.

Working with such files like the movie is always better on PC or laptop, in other words, on a bigger screen, so finding a program that fits the PC is the best option.

PC Compatible Software

To choose software correctly, take into account three aspects that should be taken into attention. The first is interface; make sure you really get high-quality user experience. The interface has to be intuitive and to provide easy navigation.

The second aspect is formats. Make sure you are aware what formats exactly you need, for one particular task and also for the future. The third aspect is editing features; you risk to download more and more programs if you do not check in advance whether they have the features you need.

Considering that you have to download each program to your device, this will be a long story. So make sure you check the description of the software, read the reviews and feedback of other users.

Now when you know how to choose the software for video editing, check out the list of programs you might like:

  • Windows Movie Maker – one of the most efficient and simple options to complete different tasks on video and audio files editing. This program supports loads of different formats, has a number of handy and important features, including some cool filters that make your movies looking really fine and professional.
  • Video Pad Video Editor – has all cool features and the interface is truly intuitive and easy to use. The disadvantage of this particular option is that some features are not available for the free of charge downloadable program. If you actually buy the product, it is pretty cool to use.
  • OpenShot – very popular among Windows users. This totally free and fully available piece supports loads of formats and is quite convenient. The con is that in case the OS is not fully compatible with the software, the user has to download additional add-ons.
  • VSDC Video Editor – very friendly to beginners and provides an easily navigated platform. Lots of different formats are available. The disadvantage is that the user has to pay for the service of technical support.

These are the most wide-used programs to edit movies on PC. Make sure you choose one to your liking.

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