Best Free Online Video Editor

More and more people have to work with video files and movies. This is because of their job, or for their own ads or commercial products, or, which is more often because people want to edit their vacation or birthday videos on their own. There is no practical use in hiring other people for editing personal videos because almost every user can learn how to manage such simple tasks. However, if it is possible to learn editing videos for personal use, it means that videos for a job or commercial projects can also be managed without hiring third-party professionals.

Modern equipment like cameras and even smartphones provide decent quality, and developers find it better to issue editing software online as well. So little surprise most more or less advanced users start looking online for programs to manage their files.

There are three the most popular options on using the software. The first option is a totally free platform or downloadable piece. However, due to being free of charge, such pieces are often spammy or contain ads. The worst option is if they collect users’ personal data and the developers later sell it to third parties. That is the reason why, in most cases, it is better to avoid using totally free software.

The second most popular option is free of charge program that is provided after the user signs up for the platform. Of course, there is also some risk that the developers will collect your data, but it is much lower. More probably they will send you advertisement of their own paid product or affiliate products, which is not a big deal if you can use their best free online video editor without paying for it.

The third most popular option for the free program is using free trials of paid services. In terms of quality, it is one of the best choices, because you will have access to the software people actually pay for, so it must be of decent quality. The only disadvantage is that when the free trial term ends, you will lose access to the software.

Now you know what options are available, and can choose one of the programs from our list:

  • Blender – one of the most frequently used by different users with different level of skills. It manages with the most recent video and audio formats, offers various advanced opportunities, but it is a bit complicated for total newbies.
  • DaVinci Resolve – supports loads of formats. The quality of the end product is really stunning, with all filters and features available. The disadvantage is that the learning curve is steeper for amateurs.

Look for other options if you would like to try out other programs!

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