Computer Tips

There is a bunch of different useful tips you really want to know about managing your computer. Check them out to make your life easier.


  • always turn off your computer when you want to clean anything on the surface or inside;
  • you can use a vacuum cleaner on the surface to suck in the dirt, but do not use it for inside, because it generates static electricity that can mess with the performance of the hardware;
  • be careful with liquids for cleaning and always use protective gloves: many people have an allergy because such liquids include really strong components;
  • try to avoid eating or drinking near the computer (although most people always do that);
  • limit smoking near your PC or laptop;  
  • pay special attention to cleaning the keyboard and mice, especially if they are used by several people in the family. Those things usually spread bacteria more than a toilet seat;

Now when we’re done with hardware, check out some software tips and tricks.

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